About Me

Hey Cuddlebugs! I’m Shannan the owner of C’est La Vie Soapmaking. I began my soapmaking journey in January 2001. I was browsing Ebay and found a woman who claimed she made her own soap from home. So intrigued by her story, I sent an inbox message and purchased a bar of soap. When I received my package of beautiful soap I found a small recipe attached. My curiosity about soapmaking quickly turned into love.

Over the years I owned and operated two businesses, Smell it Like it Is  and Soapy Water. I was interviewed by the Saponifier Magazine in July 2006, along with a soap appearance in a later year, and taught advance soapmaking classes at the Soap Salon located in Sacramento, California.
Although in 2015 I decided to retire from selling soap, my love for the industry is still blooming. While I keep up with blogs and browsing forums, I realized there is a strong need for teaching. C’est La Vie Soapmaking was born.

C’est La Vie Soapmaking not only focuses on aspects of business, but also life. Because life happens. Especially when you are in business. C’est La Vie Soapmaking focuses on personal development, time management, branding, social media advertising/marketing to grow your soapmaking business.

In my spare time I am conquering the world. (seriously, I am woman hear me roar type of stuff lol) I have two children, love to read, sing karaoke, attend live music events, and comedy. When I have one of those “C’est La Vie” days, you will often find me watching a marathon of Sex and the City with chocolate ice cream in hand.

Oh! I live and breathe motivational quotes lol

The Goal is not to GET RICH. The Goal is to LIVE RICH

I am looking forward to saying hey to you all!

~Shannan Johnson (LilSoapy)