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Beginning Stages of Brand Development

When you decide to launch your soap making business, there are many things that should come to mind. One of them should be branding development. Often times soap makers skip important steps and go straight to designing and creating. We love to create! However, we often wonder later, “Why am I not getting the results I am looking for?” You problem could be clarity. Something so simple, could be very hard to establish. Clarity of what your business do and its values need to be in uniform and expressed clearly to your customers across social media and in person.

  • You could be losing customers to:
  • Inconsistent in your message and look
  • Unclear in your brand message (confusing customers)
  • No branding at all
  • Poor designed (not user friendly, sloppy work)

You have to consider a few things when you begin branding or rebranding your business:

  • Clarify your brand and its message
  • Make sure all of your printed material, website etc. also voices your brand and message clearly
  • Be consistent and stay on brand on all social media platforms (This includes in person as well)
  • Make sure you are showing action behind your mission statement (if you declare community involvement, show that you and your business is actively being involved)

Work on your message first. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Why did I start this business? What am I trying to accomplish?
  2. What is the purpose, or belief that inspires me to continue working?
  3. How do my products provide value to my customers? What problem is my product fixing?

Your tagline should also reflect the message you are trying to get across to your customers. My brand Soapy Water tag line was: Start with a clean slate. Very simple and to the point. My branding was keeping things simple, clean, and to the point.

Keep Soaping On,

Shannan (LilSoapy)


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